Why Competency Modeling Matters In Leadership Development

download (17)Albert Einstein once said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

Hiring, promoting and evaluating people based on their natural strengths, expertise and ability to perform the job for which they were hired seems like common sense, but all too often, companies don’t define this clearly enough. You’ve probably read a fair share of vague job descriptions calling for a leader or manager who “takes initiative,” is a “critical thinker” and who can “motivate a team to excel.”

While these qualities are important, this could describe virtually any leader. If this is the main criteria for hiring or promoting leaders within your company, you’re likely going to see mixed results.

How can you define and objectively assess the characteristics that matter most among your leadership?

The secret is to develop and deploy competency models-the foundation of every leadership development program.

Competency modeling provides a precise definition of the skills and attributes needed to meet critical business challenges. Rather than being a vague wish list, they define observable, measurable behaviors. Although behaviors are easiest

How Can HR Revive a Sluggish EBITDA?

download (16)You may ask yourself what does HR have to do with my financial results? The answer is simple. Everything.

That is a bold statement to make, but if you think about it, in business the only constant is change, from technology to globalization, it’s a truism that today’s companies must adapt and embrace rapid change. Your business is driven by your greatest asset; that is your intellectual capital – the people that make it all possible. Having the right knowledge at the right time gives you a competitive edge.

Partnering with your HR executive in all stages of the strategic planning process can provide different perspectives on challenges and help devise the most appropriate solutions to meet today’s business demands.

Identifying operational opportunities for EBITDA improvement begins with an assessment of each functional area of your business. This process will help reveal indicators of opportunity that can be further analyzed for financial impact to justify additional action. Once the opportunities are defined, the root cause of diminished earnings is established; you can then develop a plan for improvement and establish a timeline for implementation. I will

The Primary Advantages of Hiring Accountants

download (15)Running a business is not a simple job. You’re charged with a wide variety of things that are needed to keeping the company successful. But in the process, you do need to keep an eye on your finances and make sure that your payroll, bookkeeping and taxes are handled every year. One of the very best things that you can do when you don’t know how to cope with these issues or just do not have time for it all, is to hire an accountant. Here are some of the benefits of hiring Accountants to help your company succeed.


Bookkeeping is critical for all companies. It is impossible to determine how much money is going out or coming in if you don’t have the appropriate bookkeeping method in place. But lots of business owners just don’t have enough time to keep up with this task, making their companies lack in the process. An expert accountant can take over the bookkeeping for you, or at least offer you some tips to make it easier, so you could spend more time on other key aspects of

How Effective Is Background Screening for New Employees?

download (14)Background screening is the simple method of conducting qualifications checks for probable candidates before their final selection for a job post or executive position. It is similar to a background check done by law authorities while making legal documents, but in this scenario, only a few calls are made to past recruiters of the candidate to identify the authenticity of their claims.

The prime goal of doing this screening is to adjudge if the worker/candidate is actually claiming the truth with respect to their formal education, work experience and other personality based aspects like insanity.

Who Does This Screening?

Generally, this testing begins with scrutiny of legal record details and cross-verification of these details via trusted sources. This is done mainly to eliminate corporate information theft, espionage and eliminating any backlashes from unworthy candidates.

This testing is done by government departments and private companies alike, but the manner of testing is slightly different. Government background checks can even involve police verification of the house and bank accounts. In corporate scenarios, this check is limited to scrutiny of educational qualifications, past experience and future outlook. Sometimes, economical information

Hiring For Attitude

download (13)You might be one of the many who have carried low performers, on your team, hoping that they will change or you will change them. Neither is likely!

The most valuable thought I have gathered, in the nearly 60 years of sales and sales management experience is a phrase from the great book, First, Break All The Rules, by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. It said; People Don’t Change Much, Stop Trying to Put In What Is Not There, It Is Hard Enough to Get Out What is Already In.

I can’t tell you how many times I have tried and failed to change an employee. Nor can I tell you how many times I have seen others struggle to do the same. It seems to be inherent among mangers to want to change someone, to give them a chance, prove that you are not as bad at hiring as it appears, or to simply help them along. Maybe that is a good approach, but the truth is that in almost every case, the effort is hurting you and not helping them.

I can tell you,

Human Capital Empowerment

imagesThe business environment organizations are currently characterized by fast paced changes and challenges imposed by the era of globalization and its effects on intensifying the level of competition. In such turbulent environment, successful organization can only survive through their ability to rapidly respond to such challenges. As such, organization managers and leaders should realize that their success is highly dependent on their ability to retain and capitalize on the talents of their subordinates. Thus, employee empowerment is one the essential tools that enable organization’s leaders to “humanize” the work environment and, consequently, enhance productivity and climb greater heights and enhanced ability to achieve remarkable goals.

A management approach, employee empowerment is designed to give front-line employees the authority they need to do what needs to be done without having to check with management. This, undoubtedly, creates a work environment which allows each individual to work to the highest capacity, the freedom to take initiative, to create, to solve problems and to assume responsibility for completing the task on hand. It is in this sense leads to job ownership that comes from understanding how the person’s

What Is Social Recognition, and Why Is It Important?

download (12)Put simply, social recognition is about empowering your workforce to capture the positives. Social recognition helps employees to engage with the values that underpin a company’s culture, from internal and external customer service to the people and experiences that make staff proud, motivated and happy to work where you do.

Here’s a look at what social recognition is, how it will play a greater roll in HR strategy in the future and how this form of employee recognition functions.

How does social recognition work?

At it’s very core, social recognition in the workplace plays on the experiences that we all value in everyday life: positive feedback, in particular from our peers.

In a working environment, the process of is simple: if you see something you like, admire or appreciate in a team or individual staff member, you tell them what you think and feel.

Social recognition is a fresh approach to engaging with employees, moving away from the tried and trusted reward-focused strategy which typically only merits high performance. Social recognition takes another look at this and adds a new angle, where staff can be praised for efforts

Temporary Versus Permanent Employees

download (11)Temporary staff in a company is employed only for a specific period of time or until the project for which they were hired is complete. Regular or permanent employees have no end dates for employment and can work in an organization until they retire, quit, or are laid off. Both types of employees bring their own sets of advantages and disadvantages to employers. Consider your business goals carefully before hiring.

Temporary employee benefits

If you’re an employer, temporary employment will allow hiring people for a particular time or task, like a project which is beyond your current capabilities, or a replacement for an employee on leave. Once the purpose is over, you don’t have to lay-off or fire the substitute employee. Since the employment was for a particular period, the term will end automatically.

Temporary employment is also often used to test new employees and find out whether they’ll be a good fit for the company before offering them a full-time position.

Drawbacks of temporary employment

Hiring too many temporary employees could lead to wastage of much time to train each new hire for every project. It leads

Talent Metrics One Must Know Before Going For Leadership Hiring

download (10)Each and every organization is defined by the talent it has. The human resource of an organization plays a key role in taking the organization to new heights. The talent metrics if used for hiring decisions can certainly bring a significant return on investment for the organization. We bring to you the talent metrics that you must measure while hiring the leaders:

Potential talent

There are individuals who have a high potential and the ability to become successful leaders if given an opportunity. This category of individuals always gains the trust as well as respect of everyone around them. Such people always become future leaders provided they are given the right mentorship for the development of their talents.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is about the level of connection the employee has with the organization. If the employee is not engaged with the organization, he/she will look for opportunities outside the organization. Such employees can never prove to be productive. Thus, assessing the employee engagement is a must and can be done through conducting surveys designed to ascertain factors which motivate the employees towards the organization and make

The Pros and Cons of Temping

download (9)Hiring temporary workers, popularly called “temping”, has grown over the past few years. With the global economy still to emerge from volatility, increasing the workforce with a temporary workforce has risen. Companies are increasingly resorting to temping.

But what are the pros and cons of hiring temporary employees? Let’s find out.


Lower labor costs: Perhaps the most important reason. Hiring a regular employee involves placing advertisements, carrying out background checks, training and overtime costs. Hiring a contractual worker eliminates majority of these costs. Temporary workers are always hardworking as long as you need them.

Eliminate recruitment: Hiring even a single employee involves lot of time and energy. But while hiring a temporary employee, the duty is usually shifted to a team of career professionals and recruiters.

Reduce benefit requirements: Full time employees have to be provided benefits and perks. This entails an extra cost to the employer. But the same volume of work can be done by taking more temporary employees with no additional costs. Temporary workers, in most cases, are supplied by manpower agencies.

Eliminate hiring mistakes: Hiring managers can make poor decisions, costing the company thousands

Future of Staffing in the Digital Age

download (8)Ask any company about its major challenges in 2016, odds are that staffing and talent retention would be at the top of the list. Smart companies are aware that they are as good as their employees and will seek the best of the best for their organizations.

Technology, while continuing to evolve, plays an important role in how companies approach talent search and hiring.

It’s digital all the way

When online job applications started getting traction in the early 2000s, they were considered as supplements to personal interviews and the traditional paper resume. More than a decade and half later, recruitment is almost 100 percent digital. From submitting resumes, to search and interview, the entire hiring process is digital now and that seems to be the future of staffing. Experts say that resumes would be displaced by continuously evolving representations of individual aptitudes, skills, and experiences that purely exist in the digital domain. Innovative tools using big data, social media, and other technologies will allow great insight into the capabilities of jobseekers and may also carry out the first screening.

An increasing number of employers leverage webcams

7 Great Ideas to Engage Your Employees

download (7)What is employee engagement? It is simply making your employees happy, contented, and waking up every morning excitedly to come to the office. Employee engagement is an organizational approach that consequently allows employees to give their best on a regular basis and demonstrate the commitment towards the values and goals of the organization. Therefore, it is extremely significant for employers to create the right conditions offering employees to be their own selves and contribute in the organization’s excellence with complete efficiency. Here are 7 ways to engage your organization’s capable workforce towards productivity and success for all:

1) Company values’ assignment: Once a month, assign a company value to a particular worker after peer-voting. Acknowledge the best representative of that value publicly at the end of the month to appreciate his/her conduct.

2) Arrange themed workplace activities: Employee loyalty and engagement can be greatly enhanced with the arrangement of themed office days. Participation in such activities tremendously helps in the augmentation of employee morale.

3) Place team photos at workplace: By placing team photos or random employee photos on walls, doors, cabins, and other appropriate places

HR Document Management for Compliance

download (1)Challenges faced by modern HR functions

HR teams are often loaded with paperwork and administrative tasks which takes their focus away from their main responsibility of managing people. Moreover, responsibilities of HR staff are changing with changes in business operations. They now need to manage a globally spread workforce and follow rules and regulations specific to each country. HR document management solutions help address some of these challenges:

  • Multiple office sites and decentralised HR document storage:

HR staff spends 40% of their time searching for and updating employee documents”

Often each office stores employee records locally. This makes it difficult to apply standard governance and control procedures. A centralised HR document management system ensures all employee documents adhere to the same retention policies. It makes storage and retrieval of documents easier and more cost-effective.

  • Inability to share employee records

It can be very expensive to share documents between geographically dispersed offices. Also, security of records can be compromised if they are physically shipped from one office to another via post or courier. Digital documents help overcome these issues by allowing documents to be shared over secure networks.

  • Protecting employee data

Business Growth: Do You Know What The Macro and Micro Cultures Are In Your Company?

download (6)The first discussions about culture within many businesses arise when a decision is made to expand globally into another country.

A Canadian company decides they would like to sell their products within the United States, for example, or an American company decides they would like to open a factory in China or India.

In these discussions, the focus is on macro cultures. That means that the country they are looking to expand into is seen as one culture, a group of people who share a common history, language, values and practices.

People start to ask questions like: “What do we have to know to do business with the Chinese?” Or “How are the Canadians going to respond to this kind of product?”

Macro cultures include national identities, like Canadian or American, religious identities like Protestant or Buddhist, or industry cultures like “the medical industry,” or “the automotive industry.”

These macro cultures by their nature have large populations and they usually encompass large geographic areas.

But within those macro cultures, there are micro cultures. These are cultural groups nestled into the larger population. Their numbers are smaller and they share

How the Time Tracker Can Boost Your Profits

download (5)Most of the US companies today are looking for different ways for save funds and cut costs. While many managers scour through their business-model, they often end up overlooking one simple thing that could have saved them thousands of dollars. It is the automatic time tracker.

It is a must for any company, but this method is often either inadequately managed, or misused by staff. There are many areas where the time tracker can help you cut costs and boost incomes. Most of them are obvious, common sense type benefits yet it is still overlooked by many companies. Here is why the time tracking and attendance is so beneficial to your company.

The simplest way that time tracker can help in improving your profits is by guaranteeing that employees are only paid for what they actually do. Most companies still rely on hourly wages to pay their teams, and time tracking efficiently helps you to manage your payroll and eliminate overpaying.

When your employees work full day, allowing them to clock in the hours is a recipe for disaster. Just anything as simple as arriving at

Mindfulness at Work – Why It Works

download (4)What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an ancient and integral part of many meditation practices. So what has this got to do with modern life and the workplace?

In essence, being mindful means staying fully aware of all external changes and internal states, in a non-judgemental manner. It helps people to cope with stress, get along better with other people, and be more focused. This creates more effective businesses and organisations.

Its business application

The modern, secular form of mindfulness was developed in hospitals in the USA in the 1970s. It was used with great success in helping patients with chronic pain and depression, where drugs and other therapies had no effect. Doctors in the UK are now prescribing mindfulness courses for depression, as the results are better.

In the business world it is now being taken very seriously, both as part of the well-being agenda (people get happier and healthier) and as a way to improve productivity. Organisations including Google, Transport for London and even Welsh Government have run programmes with great results (such as a huge drop in absenteeism due to stress).

What’s in the training?

Typically, the content

Learning Through Problem Solving

download (3)Problem based learning speeds the learning process by simultaneously developing problem solving strategies, growing content knowledge, and practicing skills. The directional pull toward the goals helps learners formulate ideas more quickly, test assumptions, challenge their limitations and work more cooperatively.

Performing the same tasks overtime; no matter how much skill is involved, levels out the learning curve that once inspired the effort. What once truly called for the best of the learner’s knowledge overtime becomes a skill routine. Once we know something and we are sure of what we know we stop learning. Problem solving ignites the learning engine. The dormant possibilities in real world problems are exposed through the awareness, determination, and persistence of the learner.

Every decision made provides valuable feedback that is used to speed the learning process and create permanent behavior change – new learning!

Perceived Challenge – When the perceived challenge and fear of failure is reduced people are more willing to approach and attempt to solve problems. The more they solve the more they learn and improve their skills.

Perceived Ability – When the ability to solve problems and produce

Suitable Tech Jobs for People With Autism

download (2)The transition from adolescence to adulthood is usually a difficult process for all of us. But it’s even more challenging for people with autism spectrum disorder, particularly when they have to hunt for jobs. According to some reports, the unemployment rate for adults with autism often exceeds 90 percent.

Recently, there has been a rising interest to involve people with autism in the workforce. With proper support, training, and opportunity, these individuals can maintain and even excel in various professions. But even if employment opportunities are available, what types of jobs are available for people with autism spectrum disorder?

Jobs that require technical skills usually suit autistic people. As these jobs require repetitive action, these individuals can perform them better. While people on the autism spectrum often lack short-term memory, they often possess much long-term memory than typical individuals. A job search activity for such people should factor in this issue.

Let’s find out the domains where people with autism can find employment.

Choices for visual thinkers

Equipment designer: Designing is visual in nature. An autistic person can begin as a draftsman and then move on to designing

How Time Tracking Will Integrate Into Your Decision-Making System

downloadConsider tailoring your appeal to address the concerns of each member of the C-suite, so they can see the benefits of time tracker. Below are some talking points to get you started:


Your chief financial officer is highly invested in understanding the costs of your company’s products and services. Time tracking provides clear data that shows where resources are allocated, and which projects or initiatives aren’t profitable. Time tracking tools can show you more than how much time was put into a project, they can provide transparency so you know when people work on the wrong things.

For example, imagine your developers are backlogged and keep falling behind on tasks. You assume they are overworked, so you plan to hire an additional programmer. However, time tracking solutions would show you that your developers have been getting roped into IT and customer support, and actually have been spending a disproportionate amount of time on those tasks. Time trackers show you that important tasks are being done, but by the wrong person. So rather than hire another developer, you make a decision based on data to hire additional

Just Recruitment Won’t Work, Get the Right Candidates by Doing These

download (1)Because of my working very closely for a staffing firm I encounter recruiters every day. The more I think of a recruiter’s job the more I know it is more than just identifying, sourcing and submitting resumes. As a conduit between the candidate, client, and company, a successful recruiter needs to sharpen a few skills and remember the many balls they need to juggle. In this war of getting the right talent, using a traditional approach is no longer a solution. So what makes an ace recruiter – all these roles which they play during the entire course of hiring


Data analysis is our new best friend and recruiters need to leverage it to take informed business decisions. Benefit by putting to work a measurement model to enable benchmarking of performance against standard metrics. A top recruiter reviews the data available to them, learns from it, compares & analyzes results over time, and makes data-driven decisions to improve their performance.

Brand ambassadors

Because a recruiter leads the initial interaction with the candidate, it’s imperative they deliver a strong first impression of the company. Recruiters must